Game-changing the way enterprises and households get carbon free energy.

We believe that getting green should be simple. We challenge the status quo and see this as our contribution towards coping with climate change. Our products follow a simple but beautiful design in order to create easy, fast, transparent and secure solutions. You will find our products to be tools that make your journey towards getting 100% green as simple as possible.

We are not for everyone. We are for you.

What elblox can do for your enterprise?

With our shop solution powered by our partners, you can buy electricity from all shades of green from on-site production to guarantees of origin.

On-Site Production

Produce green power on-site with photovoltaic technology. Avoid power from the grid save the grid usage fees. Once in operation we monitor your own production, manage the guarantees of origin and provide you with forecasts about your remaining need for energy from the grid. Together with our partners, we can help you to find the optimal solution for you and getting it done.


Corporate PPA

Purchase green electricity directly from renewable assets with a long-term delivery contract. Your commitment enables that new wind farms or solar projects get financed and built. Check out our partner platform Green Accelerator where getting a PPA is easier and cheaper than ever before.


Green Pool

We source electricity bundled with guarantees of origin from a pool of renewable producers of a specific country to cover your residual consumption. It delivers you with a flexible amount of energy tailored to your needs such that you are automatically 100% green at every instant - 24/7.


Guarantees of Origin

The most cost efficient solution to go green is buying guarantees of origin (GoO). We provide a platform where you can buy GoO directly from specific assets based on your preference regarding technology, region and price. We ensure that your consumption is off-set with renewable energy on an annual, monthly or even 24/7 basis. We make your sustainability claim verifiable through our innovative cryptographic proof.

What elblox can do for you as an energy retailer?

Our white-label energy transaction solution enables you to operate a regional marketplace for green electricity, to engage in a digital user journey and to leverage smart meter technology, taking your client-relationship to a new level of interaction.

Operate regional energy markets

You operate regional market places and energy communities under your brand using our platform. This opens up a scalable digital sales channel to consumers and prosumers in the post-subsidy era. Energiewende is happening and we help you to connect the dots in a future-proof way.

Our technology provides a flexible way of integrating individualized new products and services and delivering them to your clients. We maximize value for all stakeholders along the meter-2-cash process and protect you from disruption in the electricity market.


Enable smart-grids

Our platform allows you to offer innovative products leveraging smart grid infrastructure. Your customers get full transparency about their energy consumption in real-time and see where it originates from. You can facilitate sharing of energy inside a building or across short distances to enable taking profit from incentive schemes for the consumption of locally produced energy.

Our solution is designed to work standalone. If needed, it features simple and efficient integration capabilities with your existing software landscape. The result is a highly competitive solution leveraging smart-grid infrastructure into a digital customer journey - for both the consumer and the producer.


Integrate smart-houses

Our solutions can reach behind the meter and into your client’s buildings. Based on market- or price-based signals from the platform, client appliances can take action. Hence we can provide the basis for load-shifting (for ex. heat-pump), optimized self-consumption including the use batteries and charging of electric vehicles.

Our solutions can be tailored for your specific needs

Every situation and every use case is unique. By analysing your specific requirements together with you we can show you how you can leverage the power of our energy transaction platform to unleash new sources of revenues for you. Our deep understanding of the energy markets and strong engineering skills will allow us to efficiently leverage value for all stakeholders along the meter-2-cash process.

Great enterprises set the vision for a better future. We take you there.

Every day great enterprises trust :elblox’ unique solutions. Join them and drive your way towards getting carbon free, 24/7.

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