We are pioneers in the world of renewable energy

Our principle is see-understand-act. Along this line we are committed to facilitate the journey to a more sustainable world.


Collect the fundamentals

The basement of our house are reliable and real-time data. We like challenges, so we can cope with any kind of power-meter, smart or not. To complete this view, we collect market data from all major electricity markets in Europe. Finally, we have built a simple and elegant way to input and monitor all your contracts in our solution.


Visualize and analyse

One picture tells more than a thousand words. We visualize complex economic relationships in an easy way. Our solutions are designed in a way that you quickly grasp vast amounts of data. We love to apply advanced data analytics and unlock additional value to you.


Transact on electricity exchange

We strongly believe that through digitalisation we can connect consumers directly with producers. Buyers should know the source of their energy and our exchanges provide exactly that - for different shades of green.


Giving a face to electricity

We want to give a face to electricity, so we trace every electron from the producer to the consumer.

We offer a unique way to prove the electricity supply chain for every 1/4 hour and to document it tamper-proof with our patented technology. We have taken the power of distributed ledger technology and made it fully EU-GDPR compliant - preserving your privacy.

Elblox in numbers

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Leadership team

The :elblox platform is developed by a team of experts from various divisions of the Axpo Group.

Yves Schönenberger

CEO and Co-Founder

Jörg Schenker


Dr. Frédéric Maurer

Head Sales & Business Development

Dr. Christoph Sutter

Chairman of the Board

Beat Lauper

Member of the Board

Partners & Clients

Our Partners and clients trust us and help us making our vision become true.

Our History

Go-Live of the GreenAccelerator a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) auction marketplace, a tinder-like platform to boost building renewable power plants. Development of our monitoring solution for enterprises supporting them in their progress of getting green 24/7 and more to come. Stay tuned.
Go-Live of a pilot enterprise platform in Sweden called Renewable Power 4 Real, providing enterprises a renewable marketplace allowing them to get green 24/7. Go-Live of our first commercial P2P-platform in east Germany branded for enviaM.
Incorporation as a spin-off of Axpo Group in April. Evolution of the prototype into a commercial product integrating the feedback of experience from the field test. Expand the product into a multi-purpose energy transaction platform, development of a enterprise platform.
Field test of our blockchain (proof of origin and transactions) P2P-platform in Wuppertal (Germany) in cooperation with WSW (Wuppertaler Stadtwerke). 150 consumers and 15 producers tested our platform during >1 year.
Development of a full ethereum based blockchain prototype in a garage-style environnement.