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Know your consumption (footprint)

Monitor your aggregated energy consumption or drill down to any specific meter in your company. We give you the tool to control of your real-time energy flows and associated cost, for all your locations everywhere in the world.

We pave the way towards advanced analytics unlocking value for your enterprise through peak shaving, load shifting and lower balancing cost.

Control performance of your contracts

Visualize and manage your contract deliveries: Energy delivered, price, realized cost and expiry alarms. Follow spot and term market price development. Set price alarms and/or trigger levels for (trans-)actions and monitor your hedges. Our solution support your existing contracts like PPAs and Full Supply contracts.

Follow up on sustainability goals

Oversee your performance in avoiding emissions due to your actions in energy sourcing. Easily aggregate various sources like on-site production, PPA, GoO across your entire organisation. Efficiently generate reports for your stakeholders to inform about your progress pursuing your sustainability goals.

We provide a unique and tamper proof way to prove your claim to stakeholders, certification agencies or NGOs.

Get green energy

Visualize your aggregated position and identify possible improvements. Our integrated marketplaces offer different products tailored to your specific needs. You can get long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) allowing new green assets being built thus providing additionality. On the other side we provide a marketplace for guarantees of origin (GoO) where you can easily select the issuing power plant based on your preferences with respect to technology, distance, age and economics.

With our unique and tamper-proof solution we can match your actual consumption with actual production to ensure you are green 24/7.

Monitoring cockpit

  • Aggregated energy consumption
  • Aggregated energy source & energy mix
  • Energy origin down to specific assets
  • Number of tons CO2 displaced
  • Drill-down to single meter
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Portfolio management

Oversee your portfolio of supply from different sources. Inspect contracts and related deliveries from on-site production, PPA contracts, full supply and flexible green supply:

  • Energy delivered
  • prices and
  • realized cost
  • alarms (for expiry)

Follow spot and term market price development in Europe. Set price alarms and/or trigger levels for (trans-)actions.

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Green energy marketplace

Our integrated marketplaces allow you to buy from all shades of green:

  • Renewable PPA auctions
  • GoO from your preferred assets
  • 24/7 green from flexible green pool
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What elblox can do for your enterprise?

With our one-stop-shop solution, you can get green in 1-click.

On-Site Production

Produce green power on-site with photovoltaic technology. Avoid power from the grid save the grid usage fees. Once in operation we monitor your own production, manage the guarantees of origin and provide you with forecasts about your remaining need for energy from the grid. Together with our partners, we can help you to find the optimal solution for you and getting it done.


Corporate PPA

Purchase green electricity directly from renewable assets with a long-term delivery contract. Your commitment enables that new wind farms or solar projects get financed and built. Check out our partner platform Green Accelerator where getting a PPA is easier and cheaper than ever before.


Green Pool

We source electricity bundled with guarantees of origin from a pool of renewable producers of a specific country to cover your residual consumption. It delivers you with a flexible amount of energy tailored to your needs such that you are automatically 100% green at every instant - 24/7.



The most cost efficient solution to go green is buying guarantees of origin. We provide a platform where you can buy GoO directly from the producer based on your preference regarding technology, region and price. We can either cover your requirements for a matching consumption and production profile (hourly) or ensure a match on an annual balance.

Safety for your data

Our commitment to our clients: We keep your data safe.

Safety and data security

We are committed to protect your data and treat it as if it was our own. Our solutions are developed entirely by ourselves. By keeping everything under our own control we can guarantee the highest security standards.

Local servers and data storage

Our servers are located in the EU and we guarantee full EU-GDPR compliance.

A global community of game-changers

Elblox platforms have been available in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Liechenstein, Switzerland. Your region/country not listed? Get in touch.
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